After a break in 2016, HOME  was once again host to TEDxManchester. This is an independently organised event which aims to promote a TED-like experience.

Organised by the team at HOME, Herb Kim and the thinking digital team, this year’s event was a huge success. The speakers were exciting and innovative, obviously chosen for their varied interests and talks.


Photo: Lauren Noble

The events popularity was immediately evident when the tickets went on-sale, as they sold out within two hours.

The event as a whole was highly intellectual (with the exception of Fool Jonathan Kay), with talks covering a range of topics, including; artificial intelligence, our addition to our mobile phones, ukuleles, offensive postcards and entrepreneurship.

Some of the stand-out talks of the day were; Professor Sophie Scott who gave a fascinating talk about the human voice, and how beat-boxers might hold the key to unlocking the extent of human communication. Mr Bingo was also a firm crowd favorite, with nobody knowing why he was speaking at the event prior to him getting up on the stage. The unveiling of his crude and highly offensive postcards delighted the crowd.

There were also a wealth of other fabulous talks, including, Volker Hirsch, Squirrel Nation and Tash Willcocks.


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